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About Pygmy Goats

Pygmy goats originated in West Africa. In the 1950's they were imported to the United States for use in Zoo's and to become research animals. Eventually they got into the hands of private breeders and became popular as pets due to their good natured personality and hardiness. Today you can find them on farms, as pets and at petting zoos. 

Pygmy Coloring

-Pygmy goats do not typically come in as many colors as their Nigerian Dwarf friends. You can find Pygmy's in the caramel pattern (light, medium, dark and brown), the agouti pattern (light grey, medium grey, dark grey, black, light brown, medium brown, dark bark and brown) or in black (solid or black with light spots).

-Caramel coloring will have light vertical stripes on front side of darker stockings. Muzzle, forehead, eyes and ears accented in tones lighter then the dark portion of the body.

-Agouti coloring has solid stockings darker than main body color. Muzzle, forehead, eyes and ears accented in tones lighter then the dark portion of the body. 

-Blacks have solid black stockings. 

Breed Standard

Pygmy goats are small, cobly and compact. It's frame is clearly defined and well angulated, limbs and head are short and relative to body length. The Pygmy is full-barreled and well muscled, the body circumference in relation to height and weight is proportionally greater than that of dairy breeds. The Pygmy goat is agile, alert and animated, good-natured and gregarious.


Pygmy's are gentle and lovable making them great pets for young and old and everyone in between. They have calm temperaments and very engaging personalities, always wondering what you are doing. Because of their temperament Pygmy goats make wonderful pets and great animal projects for children and young adults. 


Goats need some short of 3 walled structure to protect them from cold rain and wind. For a few goats a large dog house will do and for many goats a small shed. Goats need good ventilation and dry bedding to maintain goat health. Goats also like to have toys to jump and play on such as stumps, cable spools, anything they can climb around on. 


Young goats have the ability to breed around 2 months of age, so gender separation is very important around that time. Does go into heat every 3-4 weeks until they are pregnant. Does can be bred when they are about 50% of their adult weight (12-18 months old). Pygmy's can have one to four kids per pregnancy. 


Pygmy goats provide rich sweet milk that is high in butterfat. Goats milk contains less lactose than cows milk. It is more easily digested and less likely to cause irritability. Goats milk contains more vitamins, calcium, iron and phosphorus then cows milk and has less cholesterol. 


The average cost for registered stock is $200+. You can find pet quality starting around $75

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