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Leggings of the Month Club

Do you LOVE leggings? Do you NEED a new, fabulous pair of leggings every month? Join our LuLaRoe Leggings of the Month Club and we will send you a pair of leggings every month. Your mystery leggings will be selected for you by your LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant, Christina Brunner! Just fill out our form letting us know your likes and dislikes and we will do our best to find something that you’ll love in our regularly updated leggings stash!



How Much?

  • There is NO cost to join the club, you simply pay the price of a pair of leggings every month which is $25.00 plus applicable taxes and shipping. 

The perks!

  • A new pair of leggings every month!

  • 10% off all purchases while you are a current club member.

  • Exclusive member notifications for special member only sales (which may include limited edition holiday line prints)!

  • You have four amazing options for signing up:

    • Monthly - You can have a month by month subscriptions, no long term commitments!

    • Quarterly - Sign up for for a three month subscription. Not only will you get three consecutive months of amazing leggings you also get $10 lulacash to use while you are a current member! Subscription must be paid upfront. 

    • 6 months - Sign up for a six month subscription! Thats right get six months of amazing leggings and you will get an additional pair for free! Subscription must be paid upfront.

    • Or YEARLY - you can sign up for an annual subscription! Yes a whole year of buttery soft goodness PLUS you'll receive a FREE top to match! All annual subscriptions must be paid upfront.

  • Plus current member receive a special surprise during their birthday month!

Join the Club

  • Simply complete this form!

  • You can choose to receive invoices on the 1st of every month or if you are signing up for a multi month subscription you must pay for the duration up front. 

  • Your PERSONAL mystery leggings will ship for you once your invoice has been paid.

What’s the Catch?

Well, there isn’t one! Here’s the fine print though: 

  • We can only ship these items free of charge to customers in the USA.

  • Leggings will be shipped out the next business day following payment. 

  • There are no refunds or exchanges on leggings of the month unless we inadvertently send you a duplicate pair. We keep track of your treasures so it is very unlikely that this will happen.

  • Other than what’s listed above, returns for damaged items are always available to our customers so see our standard return policy for more information.

  • Disclaimer time:

    • We reserve the right to cancel your subscription at any time.

    • We reserve the right to change the details of our leggings club at anytime.

Still have questions? Contact Us

Ready to sign up? 

Click here to join now.

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