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Dragonfly Farms also now sells LuLaRoe Clothing for Women, Children and Men!

To find out more about our clothing, please follow LuLaRoe Style NC on Facebook and Instagram

About LuLaRoe

LuLaRoe is a brand of clothing available in sizes 2T-26. The brand specializes in clothes for women, children, and even has some styles for those men of ours, that are comfortable and stylish. Do you despise ironing? Yeah, so do we! We have never had to iron a piece of my LuLaRoe clothing!! Yes, that is a major perk of owning this brand of clothes.


The company was founded by a woman with a dream! DeAnne Stidman is the mother of 7 children. LuLaRoe is named for DeAnne’s grandchildren and all of the pieces in her collection are named for people who are family members or like family.


She founded LuLaRoe so that she could have the freedom to care for her children while working towards her goal of helping other women also realize this dream. She created a vision for the organization and shared her values with women looking to achieve the same goals! LuLaRoe is a lifestyle! It is about helping women find their best selves, both inside and out! LuLaRoe is anything but “just clothes”.

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