Chronic illnesses can pull you down in a way that's hard to describe.  After a few years where I seemed to be doing a really good job of acquiring medical diagnoses as opposed to the winning lottery numbers, my mental health started suffering significantly.  I made shirts making light of my situation, and they became my way of being funny when I got infusions, or was being checked out for yet another concussion.  Everyone always commented on them and giggled.  So after seeing one of my specialists at Duke, the car ride back became a conversation about how many people commented on the Member of the Horizontal Club t shirt I had been wearing and so Chronically Comical was started.
Chronically Comical will give others the opportunity to find a funny side of an otherwise depressing set of circumstances.​

Every shirt will be a high quality, soft, ring spun shirt that embodies comfort and allows the wearer to be comfortable, while wearing something that makes them smile.​

Chronic illnesses, by their nature, do not have a cure; YET.  So for this reason, if there is a shirt that resonates with a specific condition, a $5 donation will be made from that shirt purchase to a national organization that is investing in research into the illness. ​​

There is life in every laugh.

Chronically Comical T-Shirts