• Lil Sarah's Wildflower - Everyone at Lil Sarah's Bee Farm shares an undying passion for the wonderful world of bees. We’ve been keeping our bumble buddies busy, doing our part to make the world a better place to live in. Starting out with just a few beehives, we’ve become a well-known business in the Tobaccoville NC area.
  • Sweet Stinger Sourwood - This honey is thick and sweet and oh so good. We were lucky to have a couple hives this year find this nector and make delicious honey for us! 
  • Fool's Gold Flavored Honey - Fool's Gold Honey was founded on the notion that people need high quality, locally sourced honey free from additives and harmful chemicals.  Our infusions are made with natural ingredients and steeped at a low temperature for an extended time period to both preserve the raw quality of our honey and provide the best flavors.